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enPour is a simple, easy-to-use assistive pouring device. It allows you to pour heavy containers with minimal effort, including milk jugs, juice bottles, water pitchers, tea kettles, and more. enPour's specifically engineered contour ensures a controlled pouring in a smooth motion.


Even though we developed enPour with arthritic and limited mobility users in mind, its so helpful we think it has a place in every kitchen. As Industrial Designers we know that if we can create a product that works for users with the toughest challenges, it can work for everyone. enPour makes pouring things easier, it's that simple.


enPour can be used with any weighted kitchen container. It's compact and can be placed on your counter top or kitchen table. Whether sitting or standing, whenever you need to pour a pot, kettle, pitcher, bowl, bottle, or just about anything, place it on enPour and tip. enPour accommodates more weighted kitchen containers than any other product on the market. No matter what the shape of the container is, enPour is going to do the work for you. All it takes is one hand.